Buzzles Shaved Ice

4 LOCATIONS serving the finest ice in town all year round!

Buzzles Shaved Ice combines the best New Orleans style flavors with the finest softest Hawaiian style shave ice.   Whether you call it a SHAVE ICE (Hawaii), SNOWBALLS (New Orleans), or SNOW CONES (anyone who doesn't know any better),  you can be sure you are getting the best of both worlds when you get a Buzzles. 

"Would you like that as a flat-top in the next sized cup".    Taking it on the road?   We'll give you the same amount of ice in the next sized cup for the same price.  


What size can i get for you today?   All orders are hand spun to order.  We may ask the you for your size ahead of time so that we can get started on the ice right away to keep your wait to a minimum.